Gunina Commercials Pvt. Ltd.

  • Engaged in supply of Food grains, Pulses, Spices, Edible oil, Iodised Salt & other items to State Government Departments under various welfare programmes.
  • Supply of Pulses to Army Purchase Organization, Ministry of Defense, New Delhi through State Agencies.
  • Engaged in supply of Textiles, Uniform dresses, Blankets, Footwear, Furniture & Fixtures, School Education kits, various kinds of Stationery, Exercise Note books, Magnetic Board etc to Government Schools.
  • Trading of Food Grains & Pulses.
  • Undertaking transportation of goods (invariably food items) from the Procurement centers / FCI godowns to designated Government godowns.
  • Already set up of a State of Art Pulses Processing Industry in Jalgaon for manufacture of Dal and Fortified Blended Food (Ready to cook – Energy Food) i.e. Instant Nutritional food like Premix Upma, Sheera, Sattu, Sukhadi, Panjiri etc. for onward supply to the School Children and other beneficiaries under Integrated Child Development Service Scheme enunciated in the “National Nutrition Policy” of the Central Government. Its installed capacity is 50,000 Mts per annum and is equipped with automated machines & latest technology as per the hygienic standard & nutrition level of World Health Organization.
Group Sales Turnover (Rs. In Crores) : (Rs. In Millions) :
1.  2009-2010 : 70.3 703.00
2.  2010-2011 : 118.24 1182.40
3.  2011-2012 : 129.79 1297.90
4.  2012-2013 : 138.11(Targated)


Group aims to achieve turnover of Rs.500Crs in the next 3 years.
The Company has rich experience in export of Pulses and coarse grain, permissible under import-export policy of the Government, to Middle East and South Asian Countries in the recent past. It has a projection of Rs.100 Crores during the year 2013-14 for import of whole pulses in large quantity from Myanmar and Canada and process the same in its own units for conversion into Dal and for further marketing of the finished products.